Friday, January 28, 2011

Remote Control Desktop Pro 3000

Remote Control Desktop Pro 3000Remote Control Desktop 3000 is affordable cutting edge technology that allows you to view and control any windows PC remotely as if you were in the same room!
Control any Windows based PC remotely! Powerful software allows you to view the host machine's desktopn with full mouse and keyboard control! Works over any type of network connection including modem, LAN and the Internet!
Literally hundreds of applications from retrieving important files from home, to helping a relative who needs "tech support". This software will pay for itself over and over again in time saved! ...

System Requirements:
Windows 95 - XP
486DX / 66 MHz or higher processor.
32MB of memory; more memory improves performance.
240 MB of free hard disk space, but may range between 180 MB to 400 MB, depending on your system configuration and the options you choose to install.
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
VGA or higher-resolution monitor.
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.


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