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# 1: Apple iMac 21.5-inch Desktop MC508LL/A

100 of 102 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Fast, Loaded, but check your Display for the yellow, September 10, 2010 this review is from: Apple iMac 21.5-inch MC508LL/A Desktop (Personal computer) waited anxiously for this update summer 2010 line of iMac.

offer better value from an iMac one might think, and the space savings that have compared to having many components scattered on a desk, make them an attractive offer from Apple.

My current iMac was a model of aging, summer 2007. The first iMac with aluminium housing. Honestly, though, is not far away the cars today particularly notebook models. Stay the iMac are nicely, and I'm sure this new model will be too. iMac tend to offer better value of notebooks and because they are not transported around, can have a better reliability/longevity too.

When I open this new computer, I loved the widescreen display. This view is similar to a television, 16 x 9 widescreen monitor while conventional were 16 x 10 (including my old iMac). Extra width gives you more space to fit the documents through your desktop (screen) while you work. I like it.

Also, don't let anyone suggest that this is not a fast computer. His i3. 3.06 GHz hyper-threading processor has to give you up to four core "," virtual ". Some argue that this feature is not useful, or that not enough applications use hyper-threading. However, I was able to watch the CPU and see video encoding software on my computer using multiple threads. Was fast.

I chose the model by 21.5 inches, why does my desktop is just too small for the 27-inch model. 27 is absolutely staggering in size. I would choose if I had the room but the 21.5 is far from being a slouch and is looking a little more reasonable.

Comes with standard 4 GB of memory, which can be easily upgraded to 8 GB with purchase of two additional 2 GB sticks. A 500 GB hard drive, standard on this model will be plenty for everyone, but the hard pack rats out there. While optical media are today less popular, don't forget this iMac can play DVD and burn DVD. DVD burning can also be useful for backing up important data, such as photographs of families. The drive speed is satisfactory, and the cool variety of loading slot.

An SD card slot is located beneath the DVD drive, easily upload pictures to your computer directly from the camera's SD card.

Why choose this model 1199 over 1499 21.5 inches? Both are machines actually responsible. The model 1499 gives you a larger hard drive (1TB plus 500 GB, so twice the size), and has a faster processor, which is useful when the game and other graphics intensive applications. While I chose the model of 1499, 1199 not missing much if that final ten tenths of graphics performance and extra hard drive space is not something that you think necessary.

$ 1,199 model is the right choice, unless you "know" the benefits specific to the model 1499 (hard bigger and faster processor). Really, this model for $ 1199 is one of the best values of any Mac now.

The iMac are great values on notebook, if you do not need portability. You get more performance, greater storage capacities and a huge screen comparison of a MacBook Pro. All at an attractive price.

One of my favorites? iMac have included for the past year standard bluetooth keyboard and mouse! This means that when you take the iMac out of the box, if you have wireless internet connection, simply by plugging the power cord can be installed and running. Magic Mouse and keyboard are wireless and works perfectly. They are easier on batteries than you might think too, even if they take easy capture AAs.

Included Software? The latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard is included, plus the iLife 09. iLife includes great and useful applications such as iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band.

Someone new to Mac might consider getting the student/teacher/Home edition of Microsoft Office for Mac. Works beautifully and has a Mac feel to it, despite being a Microsoft product.

My final verdict? I absolutely adored the machine. It was a solid update and the fastest Mac ever I used on my old iMac. However, a week in properties I discovered that the bottom and right side of my screen had a yellow gradient/aspect to it. A white background, as page, it seemed nice and white in the upper left, but the rest of the display, it turned yellow. I had invested so much time to transfer my data from my old iMac to my new one. I had to transfer all back and delete a new safely before returning them. I didn't want to go through the whole process again, during my busy time of year, so that you have just returned for a refund. Once I have some free time to go through all the trouble, I will try again. Just be sure to check the monitor when it arrives because I read some other having a similar problem on the Mac Rumors forum.

In general, this iMac was an impressive update. Features the latest processors, plenty of storage and offers one of the best Mac values. The display is a great size and proportions, but be sure to check it for the yellowish when it arrives.

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51 of 53 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars best entry level mac ever!, August 4, 2010 this review is from: Apple iMac 21.5-inch MC508LL/A Desktop (Personal computer) *** this model has been out for two weeks so that the guy saying that he "held for 18 months" has a different model ****

The new intel I3 is ridiculously fast compared to my old imac dual core (2.0 ghz/3 gb) the value of the car really speaks for itself. LED SCREEN!! The ram is upgradeable to 8gig and new ATI rock; It is assumed that, although I haven't really tested it out yet. Spend $ 160 extra to get the apple protection plan, especially on this new update one.

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